About Elite Hunting Gear

Hunting is a fun-filled but challenging hobby. A ton of preparation goes into a successful hunt. Most hunters spend hours researching where to go, how to hunt, and the gear they need to take so they can optimize their chances for success.

We have read about a ton of gear and spent thousands of dollars on hunting gear ourselves. We wanted to create a place online where we can help educate new hunters on what types of gear they need before they head out in the field.

We will cover all types of hunting gear and different hunting styles.

Not every piece of gear on this website will have been worn by us but we promise to do thorough research to make sure everything you read on this site is factual and accurate.

We are passionate about hunting and the gear we take. Nothing can ruin a hunt like cold feet, wet gear, and the feeling of being unprepared.

If you are new to the hunting industry and looking to get the most bang for your buck and the best gear set up for your specific type of hunting then look no further.

Hunting Styles

There are many styles of hunting. One isn’t necessarily better than the others. We mainly focus on spot and stalk hunting in the western United States. That is where our experience comes from and where we are most comfortable.

At times, we might have guests share their experience with hunting on the east coast or other parts of the world.

We strive to bring you actionable and relevant content so you can make an informed decision before heading into the field.

We look forward to you reading our content and sharing your opinions with us.